Supreme Accessory Year Long Kit
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Catch it, Kill it, Wash it
No one knows how long we will be hunkered down for so we have everything you will need to keep your home clean for a year. This kit is also compatible with the H2O Lite
 4 x Water Filters
Keep your steam cleaner working on top form with these water filters, helping to reduce the effects of lime scale build-up.
 9 x Nylon Brushes
Nylon brushes are great for gentle, targeted cleaning anywhere around the home. You can have one for every room.
3 x Alpine Scents
Nothing beats the fresh, crisp feeling of fresh Alpine air.
 6 x Brass Brushes
Target tougher stains with these tough brass brushes.
3 x Tropical Scents
Lemons, limes and the power of natural steam combine to uplift and refresh for the ultimate in fragrance freshness.
3 x Descaler
Don't let hard water affect the performance with this powerful descaler leaves your steam cleaner fresher & working.
3 x Blossom Scents
Fill your home the fragrance of a summer bouquet.
1 x Window Cleaning Cloth
Have a Window Cleaning Cloth handy.
 10 x Microfibre Cloths
Always have a microfibre floor cloth handy with these 4 extra machine washable cloths.
1 x Duster Cloth
Dust your entire home without running with a second dusting cloth.
4 x Super Absorbent Cloths
Always have a super absorbent floor cloth handy with these 4 extra machine washable cloths.
1 x Garment Cloth
Leave all your clothes crease free with a second machine washable garment cloth.
Compatible With These Steam Mops
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or buy now for £150